Michael Livingston

Welcome to my home page!Hello!

My name is Michael Livingston. I was born in Colorado, raised in Alaska, educated in North America and Europe. I designed this web page so that I could learn more about web page design and so that you could learn a little about my family tree, education, accomplishments, and media (areas where my work is displayed).


Respecting the cultural beliefs on both branches of my family tree, I would like to acknowledge my parents (Bob and Anna), their parents (Guy and Julia; Carl and Ann), and their ancestors as well as my great teachers over the years including Margaret L. and Robert F. Halladay, Tony Littau, Anfesia Shapsnikoff, Phil Tutiakoff, Sergie Sovoroff, Bill Tcheripanoff, and several other people whose last name ends in "-off" (subtle attempt at Native American humor).


If you have suggestions or corrections, please email (michaellivingstonalaskaATgmailDOTcom).

Privacy Notice: For privacy, I have obscured some information (dates, addresses, names) on some of the documents posted on this web site.